Michelle Fornadley

💜My name is Michelle Fornadley, and I'm 30 years young. I am a mother of 2 boys; an 12 year old and a 1 year old and my boyfriend is amazing. They each have my whole heart. 

I live on a small island in North Carolina. I grew up with loving parents who own their own business and worked hard every day to raise 4 kids. I want to be like my parents and be able to work my hardest and still be home for my kids. 

I had Seth at 18, went to college to be a medical office assistant and then became an insurance professional shortly after. Life was great. I was working 40 hours a week 8-5 living paycheck to paycheck & barely seeing my kid... That's all there is to life right? But then I met my boyfriend after 10 years of being a single mom & we had our 2nd son, Kai. I didn't want to go to a job and feel unappreciated. I was having a hard time finding a babysitter and in all honesty I just wanted to be home with my baby.

This company saved me. It saved us. I joined to just make $500 extra a month to take the edge off of playing rock paper scissors for which bill didn't get paid. Less than 7 months later, we can pay any bill. I have the most incredible team filled with dreamers whom I love and adore! 

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